dmr basics

 DMR Basics Tutorial - Miklor



„Norocul este unde se întâlnește oportunitatea cu pregătirea” 



connect from PowerShell to Oracle DB in a simple way

 How to read data from Oracle Database via PowerShell without using ODBC or installing Oracle Client (and import it to SQL Server too) - T-SQL Tech (tsql.tech)

  1. Go to the lib\netstandard2.1\ folder and get the precious Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll file, that’s all we need
  2. Now that you have the magic DLL, put it in the same folder as the script you’re going to write, and follow this example:
  3. $OracleDLLPath = ".\Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.dll"
  4. Add-Type -Path $OracleDLLPath



deep work

 How to Achieve Four Hours of "Deep Work" Each Day - InsideHook

about 60% of the average employee’s time is spent doing “shallow work.” What is that, exactly? It’s the busywork: the email-combing, the meetings about meetings, the unresolved notes on nearly done decks. It’s the morning stuff that torpedoes most of your afternoons.

The answer is “deep work,” a term coined back in 2016 by Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University. Asana defines it as “a state of peak concentration that lets you learn hard things and create quality work quickly.” According to Newport, who’s written a book on the subject, and regularly advocates for digital minimalism as way to mitigate the self-damning impacts of what he calls the “the hyperactive hive mind,” deep work is the brain at its best.



 Leadership road map for focusing to meet goals (fastcompany.com)

To avoid a sinking ship, leaders need to approach management by cutting through the noise and focusing on “first principles” which are defined as “a basic proposition or assumption that cannot be deduced from any other proposition or assumption.”

Once you’ve made a decision—whether it relates to personnel, a customer, or another matter—don’t waiver or put it on the back burner. 


Ivan Ilin

  „A iubi nu înseamnă jumătate de fericire, ci fericirea întreagă. Doar recunoaşte aceasta şi în jurul tău vor începe să se întâmple minuni. Dăruieşte-te şuvoiului inimii tale, dă-i libertate dragostei tale, lasă razele ei să strălucească şi să încălzească în jurul tău. Atunci vei simţi degrabă că spre tine , drept răspuns, curg din toate părţile valuri de iubire. De ce? Pentru că bunătatea ta sinceră şi voită, dragostea ta neîncetată şi dezinteresată va trezi pe neobservate în oameni bunătateşi dragoste”.