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Both you and your immune system need rest.

One of the world’s least valuable clichés is that you can sleep when you die. Much truer is: If you don’t sleep, you will die — sooner. Studies show that lack of sleep leads to premature death through diseases like cancer and heart disease, and the reasons have everything to do with the immune system, notes the Mayo Clinic.

When you don’t sleep, your adrenal hormones don’t shut off, which leads to some dampening of immunity, much like when you’re in fight-or-flight. And research shows that lack of sleep leads to a decrease in first-line immune-system cells known as Natural Killer Cells. If you don’t sleep, you are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses.

But research also shows a rise in “pro-inflammatory” signaling when you don’t sleep enough. What follows can be depression, more stress and a cascade of clashing signals.

“It’s a badge of honor to see how little sleep you can get by on,” said Dr. Michael Irwin, professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at U.C.L.A for my book, "An Elegant Defense." “That crazy logic has led to a sleep-deprived society, and that is having huge health consequences.”

Spend Time With Dirt
Exposure to a great variety of germs can help us stay healthy.

The immune system evolved in a time of great peril. Over epochs, we lived in squalor, with abundant disease and without modern tools to sanitize our food, water and homes.

Today, we have all kinds of tools to clean our environments — antibacterial soaps and disinfectants, and a hypochondriac’s obsession with wiping down every surface. But research shows that when we cleanse our entire world, we deprived our immune system of its natural need to learn and spar. And with all our hygiene, we not only cleanse pathogens but also lots of non-threatening microbes that help train the immune system without any harm to us.

The result? A sharp rise in food and skin allergies in industrialized countries. Allergies are basically the immune system creating inflammation in a body in response to something that doesn’t really cause much of a threat. This happens, the science suggests, because people grow up in such sanitized environments that immune systems don’t calibrate properly to the natural world.

It's okay to eat dirt, said Dr. Meg Lemon, a Denver doctor who treats people with allergies and autoimmune disorders.

She was only half-kidding. A few encounters with viruses and bacteria today might forestall an allergy tomorrow. What won’t kill you — and most of the world won’t kill you — will bring balance to your immune system.


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###How To Use ####
Download visualizations from GitHub and deploy to MicroStrategy Web or Desktop
#####Option 1
  1. Clone this repository or download it as a ZIP file.
  2. Unzip and copy the visualization folders you want directly to your Web or Desktop plugins folder.
  3. Restart your MicroStrategy Web server or Desktop.


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ford focus 1.6 tdci
Sal , 

Am un Focus 1.6 TDCI si am ramas fara freon. Problema e designul farurului care sectioneaza conducta de aer conditionat. Cred ca e o problema generala. Se poate vedea in poza 1.jpg cum a fost sectionata conducta. Farul are pe interior o bucata de plastic care , cu timpul , 'taie' teava. Eu am taiat bucata de plastic. In poza 2.jpg se poate vedea ca plasticul A a fost tait. E identic cu plasticul B. Pe conducta in locul unde plasticul atinge teava , cei de la Ford au pus un burete , dar nu tine , e prea slab. 
Solutia a fost sa se sudeze locul respectiv ,poza 3.jpg atasata.
Ii rog pe cei care au timp , sau moderatori , sa creeze un topic separat , cred ca ar ajuta multa lume.

Aceiasi problema am avut-o si eu saptamana trecuta . Fix in aceiasi zona si din aceleasi cauze mi s-a fisurat si mie teava de la AC. Solutia a fost tot lipirea .

aceasi problema am avuto si eu urechile din plastic de la far au sectionat conducta de ac am rupt urechile de la far am cositorit teava 30 ron incarcare freon si acum ac functioneaza ok.