kernel time sync enabled 4001

Add    burst iburst      options to your ntp server 


how to see the active resource plan manager

select * from v$rsrc_plan;

CPU Quantum

High "Resmgr:Cpu Quantum" Wait Events In 11g Even When Resource Manager Is Disabled [ID 949033.1]

how to collect statistics on subpartitions

granularity => 'ALL' for DBMS_STATS

grid control agent problem in OEL

emdctl: error while loading shared libraries: ... libnnz11.so: cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

Solution : disable selinux http://sanjayabalasuriya.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/libnnz11-so-cannot-restore-segment-prot-after-reloc-permission-denied-error-while-running-oracle-clinet-on-rhel-5/


how to see the temperature for a FUSION IO flash card

fio-status -F iom.temp_internal_deg_c /dev/fioX ( where X can be a,b,c ... )


exadata secret sauce


Exadata’s “secret sauce” for different workloads
 “DW / Reporing”
• Long running SQL statements
• Executed less frequently
• Secret Sauce: Smart Scans + Offloading + Storage Indexes
• SQL statements should use full table scans + hash joins

• Short SQL statements
• Executed very frequently
• Secret Sauce: Flash Cache
• SQL & performance tuning is the same as usual!


top issues for node eviction in Oracle RAC

Top 5 issues for Instance Eviction [ID 1374110.1]