Connection lost contact between Primary and Standby

ORA - 03135 : connection lost contact while shipping from Primary Server to Standby server [ID 739522.1]


There may be a firewall rule changed or the firewall is newly installed.


See procedure/packege code in PL/SQL Developer

In PL/SQL Developer : "Source of ...  is not available"

Solution :   If you've PL/SQL developer, check tools>preferences>options>use DBA views if available.


Recover dropped oracle procedure

--- recover the dropped/changed procedure PROCEDURE_SALES 
select text from dba_source
     as of timestamp systimestamp - interval '15' minute 
     where name='PROCEDURE_SALES' and type = 'PACKAGE BODY'
order by line asc;

Slow Oracle Net Connections

From note [ID 1076022.1]  : Troubleshooting Slow Oracle Net Connections

Solutions here included purge of the old audit files, disabling auditing, etc



A Russian tourist arrives at London's Heathrow airport.
As he fills out the entry form, the immigration officer asks him:
The Russian promptly replies:
-No, no, just visiting!

The perfect rman script backup

The perfect rman script backup:
allocate channel t1 type disk;
BACKUP AS COMPRESSED BACKUPSET check logical INCREMENTAL LEVEL 0 DATABASE filesperset 1 plus archivelog format '/mnt/u05/backuptest/backup_%d_set%s_piece%p_copy%c_%T_%U' TAG = DB_BACK_FULL_DAILY ;
backup current controlfile format '/mnt/u05/backuptest/backup_controlfile_%d_DBID%I_%T_%U.ctl' TAG=CTL_BACK_FULL_DAILY;
backup spfile format '/mnt/u05/backuptest/backup_parameter_%d_DBID%I_%T_%U.ctl' TAG=PARAM_BACK_FULL_DAILY ;
delete obsolete;
release channel t1;


Oscar si Tanti Roz

"...din orice moment al vietii tale poti incepe sa ti-o si traiesti"


banc DE

Un african, tocmai recunoscut ca azilant, se plimba mândru pe strazile noului sau oras.
El se adreseaza primului întâlnit, spunându-i: "Multumesc draga germanule, va multumesc ca m-ati primit în tara voastra minunata, ca mi-ati oferit ajutor, adapost si asigurare medicala.


11.1 new features

Oracle Database 11.1 New Features : Summary [ID 466931.1]

How to fix Nologging Changes

Rolling a Standby Forward using an RMAN Incremental Backup To Fix The Nologging Changes [ID 958181.1]