emotiile ne fraieresc

Starea de suferinta nu vine din cauze problemei ci din teama ca suntem incapabili sa rezolvam aceea situatie.
Suferinta nu iti apare imediat cand cineva iti fura masina, ci cand te gandesti ca … nu o poti recupera.  Suferinta nu iti apare imediat cand iubita/iubitul te paraseste ci cand te gandesti ca nu o sa mai ai aceea fericire langa tine.
Suferinta nu iti apare imediat ce ai fost dat afara de la servici ci in momentul in care te gandesti ca nu o sa faci rost de alt loc de munca imediat.


ORA-00569: Failed to acquire global enqueue

Error on rac : Error 569 occured while spilling buffered messages


v$session_longops for ASM

In ASM, you can query the V$ASM_OPERATION view to determine the amount of time remaining for the drop/rebalance operation to complete.


Session Was Killed During The Rebuild Of Index ORA-8104 [ID 375856.1]


"Bursa este un mod de a lua banii oamenilor care se cred destepti. Pentru prosti se foloseste Loto"  


opiino: Attach failed! error=-1 ifvp=0

"Opiino: Attach Failed! Error=-1 Ifvp=0" Written In Udump File [ID 399727.1]

begin backup - shutdown

What happens when you forget a tablespace in begin backup, before a shutdown immediat

Cannot Open Database With Tablespaces still in Hot Backup Mode [ID 1017140.102]


real scalability

"Now that you have a good storage system, how do you do anything with so much data? Let's say you have many TBs of data stored across a 1000 machines. Databases don't scale or cost effectively scale to those levels. That's where MapReduce comes in."

http://highscalability.com/youtube-architecture    Youtube runs on mysql. Cool!
The team:
2 sysadmins, 2 scalability software architects
2 feature developers, 2 network engineers, 1 DBA

the database behind twitter

Twitter is running on cassandra ( a NOSQL database )--> nosql  database means non-relationational database



transfer time, not seek time

Exadata uses at least a 4 MB Automatic Storage Management (ASM) allocation unit (AU) [more on ASM basics]. This means that there is at least 4 MB of contiguous physical data laid out on the HDD which translates into 4 MB of contiguous data streamed off of disk for full table scans before the head needs to perform a seek. With such large I/O requests the HDDs are able to spend nearly all the time transferring data, and very little time finding it and that is what matters most. Clearly if Exadata is able to stream data off of disk at 125 MB/s per disk (near physics speed for this type of workload) then any alleged “contention” is really not an issue. In many multi-user data warehouse workloads for PoCs, I’ve observed that each Exadata Storage Server is able to perform very close or at the data sheet physical HDD I/O rate of 1500 MB/s per server.

ORA-33262: Analytic workspace EXPRESS does not exist

ORA-39127 ORA-37002 ORA-33262 During Expdp After Upgrade To 10g. No Errors If Using Exp [ID 741232.1]


2012 - the end

Stau de vorba 2 mayasi:
Unu: Bah, am ramas fara piatra si nu mai am pe ce continua calendarul..
Celalalt: S-ar putea ca in viitor sa se crizeze cineva din cauza asta…..

RErelease patchset for linux 32bit

Patch Set rereleased on Linux x86 (32 bit) [ID 1156958.1]


ORA-14404: partitioned table contains partitions in a different tablespace

How to drop an offlined tablespace, if partitions from a partitioned table resides in it [ID 267125.1]


the small approach

A boy, one who is athletically very talented but not too bright, takes on a job as a stripe painter for the highway department. The department gives him bucket of paint and a brush and drives him out to the highway he’s supposed to paint. His first day on the job, he paints a stripe almost seven miles long. This is an utterly stunning feat, for no one previously had ever painted more than five miles in a day. The department was ecstatic. Apparently, this boy’s true calling was to paint roadways.

Exadata best practices

Oracle Sun Database Machine Application Best Practices for Data Warehousing [ID 1094934.1]


ORA-04030 (QERHJ hash-joi,kllcqas:kllsltba)

This is not an Oracle memory resource issue since
connecting via SQL*Net is using less PGA for the session than
a local connection which is successful.

Client Connection Fails with ORA-04030 (QERHJ hash-joi,kllcqas:kllsltba) [ID 470604.1]

2010-08-04 ( PSU1 )

Patch:9352237 13 APR 2010 ( PSU2 )

Patch 9654983  13.07.2010

OFSA - ORA-01019: unable to allocate memory in the user side

ORA-01019 Error Starting OFSA RQ on Oracle 10g [ID 357464.1]

When starting the OFSA Request Queue (RQ) using the "rq" or "mrq" scripts in the $OFSA_HOME/bin directory on Oracle 10g, the following error may occur:
Error(Oracle Financial Services Application error) (203105) Oracle drv_oci error:
OCI Function:   [0] - olon(), orlon()
Oracle Error:   [1019] - ORA-01019: unable to allocate memory in the user side
Driver Function:         drv_oci::Connect()
MB(AttachDB()) Error attaching to database: <database name>


Error 376 encountered while recovering transaction

Messages in the alert.log (ORA-00376 Error 376 encountered while recovering transaction) after partial restore and open resetlogs. [ID 283846.1]