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I s-a părut că era cam frig în casă, dar poate nu chiar așa de tare, el fiind învățat să rabde. Acolo, în lunca tizicului, oamenii, chiar și cei care au lemne, încălzesc doar cât să dezmorțească aerul.
Am intrat în multe case și n-am văzut pe nimeni stând în tricou, cum stau eu la bloc.



kit: https://www.car-parts24.com/ZF-Oil-change-Kit-automatic-transmission-for-Audi-6HP19A-A4-B7-A6-C6-A8-4E


9.0 litre G 055 005 (Shell ATF M-1375.4)

Here is a Official ZF Parts catalogue with some info on oil changes pages 5- 9 this also has info on the front diff/rear torsen diff of gearbox Link:- ZF 6HP19A (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ybetYJ0wwMOXBOcEpNSVFNblk/edit?usp=sharing) 

Here is a Link:- Automatic Choice LTD catalogue (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ybetYJ0wwMcEdibmFLNC03TW8/edit?usp=sharing) 

Link:- LifeGuard Fluid PDF (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ybetYJ0wwMUFFvLTVsRExCUjg/edit?usp=sharing) Link:- Ravenoil 6HP Fluid (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ybetYJ0wwMQmpjTUNjWnRpWlk/edit?usp=sharing)

Technical data

Service code

ZF code

Audi code
AL 420 6Q

Gearbox type

6-gear planetary transmission (multi-step automatic transmission), electronically controlled with hydro-dynamic torque converter with slip-controlled torque converter lockup clutch

Mechatronic (integration of the hydraulic control unit and electric control to form one unit)

Dynamic switching programme with a separate sport programme "S" and the Tiptronic switching programme for manual gear change

Torque converter
W255 RH-4 GWK

Power transmission
Permanent four-wheel drive "quattro" with Torsen central differential

9.0 litre G 055 005 (Shell ATF M-1375.4)
Lifetime fill

Differential, FA/RA
1.1 litre/0.5 litre
G 052 145 (Burmah SAF-AG4 1016)
Lifetime fill

Weight including oil in kg
Approx. 115 kg

Max. torque in Nm
Up to 450 Nm, depending on engine version

Kingpin inclination

VAG guidance on assessment of wear by checking ATF for colour and contamination is:-

Colour of ATF

Colour yellow or blue: ATF is new.
Colour brown: ATF is used (approx. 60,000 km upwards)
Colour black: one of the gearbox components is defective (e.g. overheating of torque converter lock-up clutch, burnt out clutch linings).

Note:- On vehicles with TDI engines, the ATF turns black after approx. 60,000 km without the gearbox being defective.

ATF contains metal particles

Wear is within normal range if metal particles on magnet in oil pan or in ATF are smaller than 0.1 mm Ø and quantity is not more than 1 cm3.

Metal particles larger than 2.0 mm Ø on magnet in oil pan or in ATF indicate abnormal wear or a mechanical fault in the gearbox.

Procedure if ATF is contaminated

ATF very contaminated (ATF black or metal particles in ATF):

Dismantle and clean complete gearbox.
Flush ATF galleries and blow through with compressed air.
Dismantle and check all clutches.
Renew torque converter (cannot be cleaned).
Renew mechatronic unit (cannot be cleaned).
Clean ATF lines and ATF cooler and renew ATF strainer.

audi a6 zf 6hp19


Volkswagen and Audi cars use a 6 speed transmission on many newer models. These transmissions appear to have a high amount of failures due to valve body failures. These 6HP19 - 6HP28 models show a common issue with the valve body causing clutches to burn out. The failure symptoms usually start with 2nd and 3rd gear slippage or a bad shift pattern. The early stages will require replacing the valve body and reprogramming the computer. After the problem has been driven too long, a rebuild as well as the valve body and reprogramming will be your repair solution. 

Many Audi and Volkswagen auto customers are complaining. After numerous complaints, Volkswagen and Audi extended their problem transmission valve body warranties to 100,000 mile warranties. Checking with the Audi or Volkswagen dealer on these extended warranties may help save you money. After 100,000 miles, you will be on your own to pay the high dollar repair bill. These vehicles are also having problems in their computer programs as well. It is unclear if the computer program is half the problem, but it needs to be done after the major repairs are performed to avoid harsh engagements and downshifts to 4th gear.

After the transmission rebuild, new valve body and computer reprogram are performed, it appears that you will have little or no problems after. As long as the transmission is properly rebuilt and the valve body is replaced with a new one, the internal problems will disappear. In the repair shop, we see many of these transmission repairs go through and other than reprogramming issues, they seem to last. The 
Audi and Volkswagen dealer does not reprogram these computers for free, however it will ensure the lasting of these ZF 6HP19 - 6HP28 transmissions in your car. 

valvebody repair:


DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage to personal property or injury sustained from attempting the following. Remember, stay safe and if you have any hesitations in performing this, contact your local mechanic.
Also, I did not write all of this procedure. I used all of the references to produce my own. SO DONT GIG ME ON SPELLING AND GRAMMER. I did not have a lot of time. For perspective, parts for the overhaul and transmission refill was ~$1000 plus your time(12 hours).


I am the original owner of a 2007 (09/06 build) E90 335i with the 6 speed automatic steptronic transmission with 110K miles. Every two years I have drained and refilled my transmission. The car had an inconsistent (it did not occur all of the time) weird RPM flutter in 3/4gear at 1500 RPM and it did not matter if the car was warmed up. I did not have any error codes.
This rebuild cleared up the inconsistent RPM flutter and the gear shifts are more crisp. But don't expect this rebuild to change the transmission's original personality.
I had previously attempted resetting the Adaptive Transmission Control which helped, but didn't completely fix the problem.


Sonnax valve body reference: https://s3.amazonaws.com/sonnax-dev/...AutoChoice.pdf

ZF procedure for mechatronic replacement:

Reference procedure for valve body removal and installation: http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=733273

Another valve body/solenoid procedure:

Oil level procedure:

Reference documents:
http://www.B I m m e r b o o s t.com/showthread.php?35150-ZF-6HP21-Reference-Documents

Lift and tranny prep:

Transmission adaptation relearn procedure:

-Sonnax zip kit ZF6-GEN2-ZIP:

-Solenoids and Foam kit:

-Nine Liters(Yes I put back in 9 liters) of Transmission oil Shell M-1375.4 (OEM) (Pentosin ATF1):

-Mechatronic Seal Adapter late 6HP21
BMW part number : 24347588724
Mechatronic sealing sleeve: 24347588725
4 rubber seals BMW Part Numbers:
24107536339 x 2
The transmission valve pan: BMW part #24152333907

Mechatronic sleeve: BMW part # 24347588725


-Separator plate: There are two plates listed for the ZF6HP21 transmission.
Original plate 1068-327-210 = Sonnax 95740-063 (My car)
1068-327-224 = Sonnax 95740-065 (Im assuming LCI??)


-Anti-Static ESD band:

-Vacuum pump for testing the valve body:


Low Profile Ramps x 2
Jack Stands x 2
Floor Jack
Spirit Leveler
3/8" Ratchet
8mm Hex Socket
13mm Wrench
T27 Torx Head
T40 Torx Head
5/16" Allen Key
3/8" Allen Key
Bucket/Catch Pan
Fluid Transfer Pump
ESD grounding strap
Brake bleeding hand pump

1.) Okay the first step is to Jack the card up on the jack stands. Make sure is safe and secure. Reset transmission adaptations before disconnecting the battery.

2.) Remove the underbody cover, heat shield, and small supports that block a clean view of the transmission pan.

3.) Drain the transmission fluid. At the same time remove the fill plug, its torqued on tight, so use a wrench or a rubber mallet to break it loose, removing this part is very difficult.

4.) Once its stopped draining, remove the oil pan bolts (24) leave the 4 corners on for last. Reminder, there is still 1 Liter of fluid in there. discard it (make sure the oil tub still has an o-ring on it, if not remove it from the mechatronic (valve body))

5.Locate the electronic connector, - Mechatronic connector, rear right corner, unplug the connector - you can do it without removing any of the support parts. Push aside back there.

6. Back to the transmission, pull the white tab down from the mechatronic, this releases the mechatronic connector sleeve, pull it out without twisting (back right outside of transmission) keep it around for later. Not the orientation tab inside of it.

7.) Warning use a ESD (Electico-static discharge) grounding strap while handling the TCM.
Remove the 10 larger bolts on the mechatronic valve body. The 10 bolts have large heads and are T40 bolts. A 11mm socket will not fit around them. Be careful. I would suggest leaving two bolts installed and have assistance while removing those last fasteners with someone supporting the mechatronic. Warning - Mechatronic is about 30 pounds, covered in oil, and as you loosen the bolts oil comes out fast. The part is very fragile, and you dont want to scratch any of the mounting surfaces. Remove and put aside mechatronic.

8.) Let transmission continue to drain oil. If you wish, remove the valve body seals.

Using the Sonnax Zip Kit instuctions.

9. Valve Body Disassembly: Warning use a ESD (Electico-static discharge) grounding strap while handling the TCM.
a. Remove seven bolts to remove TCM from valve body. Be careful. After the bolts are out push the pins and it will come out. Set aside. Make sure no oil enters the connector. Note sliding guide for shifter valve prior to removing.
b. Remove TCM by carefully prying upwards on the two dowels.
c. Remove the fasteners (Torx T27)for the solenoid hold down plate.
d. Remove the solenoids by hand pulling straight out.
e. Pry valve body halves from separator plate where indicated. Leave the upper valve body section DOWN due to the small ball check valves. Make yourself take a lot of pictures. Sonnax Zip kit ball locations in the upper valve body did not match my valve body. See my pictures!

10. Install the Sonnax zip kit ZF6-GEN2-ZIP and vacuum test.
See ZF6-GEN2-ZIP instructions. I used the hand brake vacuum pump and a piece of plexi glass, with a small hole, to test all areas. Only pull one spring loaded valve at a time not to mix up parts.
Execute the Sonnax zip kit instructions: http://d2q1ebiag300ih.cloudfront.net...f?v=1479834410
Note: When resembling the two halves of the valve body, the torque is 6NM.

14. Replace the solenoids... push to install. Note previous orientation, and install the same way. Install the fasteners (Torx T27)for the solenoid hold down plate torqued to 6 NM. The piece of foam is installed in between the solenoid and the body.

15. Install the TCM with the 6 fasteners. Take time to use the old mechatronic sleeve and see how it slips into place. Do not lock it in, but feel how it installs. Also make sure sliding tab attached to the mechatronic in its appropriate notch- this is critical, otherwise it will not come out of part.

16. Before reinstalling the mechatronic, replace all of the casing to valve body seals. I used needle nose plyers to remove.

WARNING NOTE: You may want to test fit the NEW mechatronic sleeve first on the bench. I had problems of getting the mechatronic release tab to lock back in place and I had to remove the mechatronic and troubleshoot. This will also allow you to mark 6 O'Clock position for install.

17. Carefully install the mechatronic into the transmission. Install the screws that are toward the center of the mechatronic, and slowly install all the screws and torque to 8 NM. Make sure the sliding notch is lined up with the notch that is in the transmission, this is critical. 

18. Install the mechatronic sleeve. Once you feel that it is in push firmly- very hard and push the white tab up, it should move up easily. Attach the connector back to the transmission.

19. Install the oil pan in a cross pattern. See references for the torque pattern. Torqued to 10NM. Verify drain plug is also torqued to spec.

20. Filling procedure. Using the transfer pump (I used my Motive Power Brake Bleeder reservoir to fill and it worked great), transfer at first 4 to 4.5 liters of oil into the transmission (until it leaks out of the fill hole). Start car and while running (in park (no wheels contacting anything!!)). NOTE: My rear wheels were free so I could check direction. Continue to put the transmission in Drive, Reverse, Neutral, and back in to Park while filling the transmission. You fill the car up with 8 L of oil or more. Use the transmission fill reference.

21. Let car cool, clean around pan and after an hour verify that there are no leaks. Attach trim that was removed and lower car.

22. Transmission re-adaptation: Follow the procedure for the mechatronic to relearn. https://www.fcpeuro.com/blog/posts/h...on-adaptations
Attached Images
Attached Images
File Type: pdfsolenoid_replacment_6hp21.pdf (748.5 KB, 393 views)


fast csv export


sqlplus -s -m 'csv on' cj@localhost/pdb1 @t.sql
(Pro tip: the -s silent option may hide the password prompt on some platforms making SQL*Plus appear to hang! Enter the password and all will be well.)
CSV mode bypasses the traditional SQL*Plus pagination routines, making output faster to generate. And using the -m 'csv on' option additionally invokes a faster I/O subsystem, and also automatically sets some SET options to the values of another new option sqlplus -f. Two of the changes are increasing SET ARRAYSIZE to 100 and SET ROWPRETCH to 2.
Increasing SET ARRAYSIZE allows larger amounts of data to be returned in each low level request to the database, thus improving overall efficiency. Having SET ROWPRETCH to 2 reduces the database 'round trips' required between SQL*Plus and the database for queries that return only single rows. You should adjust the values of these, and other, settings to suit your data size and performance goals.
CSV mode can be used when connecting SQL*Plus 12.2 to Oracle Database 12.2 or earlier.




Pentru el a fost o traumă îngrozitoare, față de sistemul medical din Marea Britanie, România e foarte departe. Patru luni de zile cât a stat mama în spitale, nimeni nu a spălat-o. Nimeni. Singurii care făceam asta eram noi, de două-trei ori pe zi. S-a șocat când a văzut cum arată saloanele, s-a șocat când a văzut că punga de colostomă se golea într-o sticlă de Perwoll tăiată cu foarfeca, s-a șocat când vedea că infirmierele aduceau mâncarea cu cărucioarele și aveau pe mâini mănuși de menaj, care erau nesterile și cu aceleași mănuși adunau prosoapele sau cearșafurile pline de puroi și sânge.
Bacteriile au omorât-o pe mama, nu cancerul. Mama a murit de septicemie. A fost o pierdere enormă pentru mine, dar și pentru prietenii mei. 





Cercul vicios al alimentației proaste
Pentru a lua decizii bune, corpul tău trebuie să funcționeze bine. Am realizat că cei care nu au bani și nu au educația nutrițională la care am avut eu acces, locuind în unul din cele mai mari centre universitare din țară și având acces la internet, intră într-un fel de cerc vicios.
Nu se simt bine pentru că nu au o alimentație corectă, asta îi face să își spună o poveste despre cât de rău le este, iar această stare îi face să ia decizii care îi mențin acolo și tot așa. E greu să ai perspectivă când te simți ca naiba.


ppor performance after upgrade to oracle 12c


optimizer_adaptive_features = FALSE - After upgrading to Oracle Database 12c, many PeopleSoft customers have noticed overall performance degradation which is related to Oracle 12c Optimizer Adaptive Feature (OAF). It is recommended that this value be disabled in all Oracle Databases running PeopleSoft Applications.
As stated, the parameter in Oracle 12.1 that controls Adaptive features is: OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_FEATURES.
In Oracle 12.2, that parameter is obsolete and it is now controlled by two separate parameters: OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_PLANS, OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_STATISTICS.
NOTE: If you apply patch 22652097 to a 12.1.xx database, it will “split” OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_FEATURES into the two separate parameters that 12.2 uses.
The parameter can be dynamically changed and set at the session level as well (no restart required!).
If you’re struggling with performance issues after a 12c upgrade, try disabling the adaptive features to see if it helps.
 After disabling OPTIMIZER_ADAPTIVE_FEATURES, PeopleSoft performance was excellent and we had no more end user complaints.




metrocluster failover


Mereu cumpărăm. Ne trebuie tot felul de chestii. Obiecte. Lucruri. Stuff. Sau credem că ne trebuie. Când de fapt avem nevoie de atât de puține...
Și există suficient pentru toți. Cum ar fi dacă am înlocui obiectele cu trăiri, fotografiile cu amintiri, dacă am înlocui hainele cele multe cu fapte bune, așa zisele nevoi exterioare cu cele adevărate, interioare... Cum ar fi dacă am cumpăra doar atât cât putem mânca, dacă nu ne-am mai face provizii precum urșii... Cum ar fi dacă am păstra doar ceea ce folosim. Cum ar fi dacă nu ne-am mai atașa de lucruri? Dacă pur și simplu le-am da drumul...
Cu câte plecăm oare de pe lumea asta? Cum să întâmpinăm noul când suntem atât de plini de ceea ce este vechi? Cum să evoluăm când suntem plini de atâtea credințe vechi?!