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how to export to csv an oracle table

The original  script can be found here : http://www.oracle-base.com/dba/miscellaneous/csv.sql

learn db2 by oracle concepts


ORA-00060: Deadlock detected

In an OLTP environment, when you encounter this error check if you have bitmap indexes on you transactional tables.

This type of index may be a cause for ORA-60 .See also : http://www.oratechinfo.co.uk/deadlocks.html


'row cache lock' Causing Slowness On 11.2 Databases

Many Processes Waits Too Short For 'row cache lock' Causing Slowness On 11.2 Databases [ID 1162566.1]

problems with new feature in 11g : failed login delay

In Oracle Database 11G there is a new 'feature' related to hacking prevention:
Logon Delays:
A hacker may attempt a brute force hack to break into your Oracle Database. In this case they try constant logons to the database using some form of a word list. Oracle 11g includes a logon delay that takes effect after the third failed password entry attempt. This makes the brute force hacking more difficult. After the third failed logon attempt, Oracle will incrementally delay subsequent logon or password prompts up to a maximum of 10 seconds. No delay will occur if the logon is successful.

BUT there is a problem/bug , until OracleDatabase version  ( or - not yet released ) . You can encounter this bug and experience high library cache contention , when you have both users connecting with good passwords and users connecting with bad passwords :

RMAN compressed backups contain corrupted blocks

RMAN compressed backups contain corrupted blocks for non-standard block sizes [ID 1273902.1]


Oracle Database 11g - Architecture Diagram




ORA-00600 [kxtotolc_lobopt] When Getting An Explain For a Statement With Bind Variables (Doc ID 1050592.1)



 Default value Derived from the values of CPU_COUNT, PARALLEL_THREADS_PER_CPU, and PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET


how to authentificate oracle users in active directory

Configuring Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO) with Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Kerberos KDC (Doc ID 331252.1)


How to create OracleContext in Microsoft Active Directory

Creating an OracleContext in Microsoft Windows 2003 Active Directory [ID 361192.1]



kksfbc child completion

Database Hung With "kksfbc child completion" and "Cursor: Pin X" Waits (Doc ID 430555.1)