Patch Set Update January 2010

Noi release-uri, incepand cu 12 IAN 2010:
  • Database
  • Database  Patch:9119284
  • CRS Patch:8705958
  • CRS not yet released
  • Enterprise Manager Grid Control - OMS
  • Enterprise Manager Grid Control - Agent
Fixed bugs in :
Bug:4598439  DBMS_STATS.DELETE_SCHEMA_STATS does not delete index stats after index rebuild
     Bug:4723109  Hang / spin in kcbsacc() / kcbs_look_setid()
     Bug:5704108  Insert as SELECT into partitioned table can hang/spin
     Bug:5890312  A spin / hang / space leak can occur with ASSM segments
     Bug:5970301  OERI[ktspfsall] during insert to ASSM segment
     Bug:5991038  Fairness down convert not occuring in RAC
     Bug:6052169  PQ slave can leak memory / ORA-4030
     Bug:6053134  ALTER SESSION to set SORT_AREA_SIZE no honoured
     Bug:6151380  OERI[qerpx_res_qcrange] from Parallel Query
     Bug:6324944  ORA-600 [ksfdref3] can occur. DBWR may crash the instance
     Bug:6379441  OERI[kdlm_merge_lobs:1] from parallel LONG to LOB conversion
     Bug:6404447  Intermittend OERI[15214]
     Bug:6452766  10046 trace does not always show the correct "obj#" value in the trace
     Bug:6512622  SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE hangs / OERI[3708]
     Bug:6512811  ORA-39726 adding column to table after it is uncompressed (by ALTER TABLE .. MOVE)
     Bug:6600051  OERI / Spin from AQ time manager in RAC environment
     Bug:6635214  ASSM segment growth under high concurrency
     Bug:6714608  Wrong results with star transformation and parallel query
     Bug:6741425  OERI[kdisle:nrows] for index with large max key size
     Bug:6760697  DBMS_SPACE_ADMIN.ASSM_SEGMENT_VERIFY does not detect certain segment header block corruption
     Bug:6768251  Dump [msqlk2] from SQL containing LIKE with an ESCAPE sequence
     Bug:6775231  Dump [kglivl0] in RAC
     Bug:6844739  Truncate very slow
     Bug:6844866  Intermittent wrong value of RESTART_TIME in V$LOGSTDBY_PROGRESS
     Bug:7013768  Dump (kkfdmrk) from star transformation
     Bug:7022905  Alter tablespace drop datafile drops can corrupt the database
     Bug:7197637  Private memory leak from PLSQL loop calling UTL_FILE.FOPEN repeatedly
     Bug:7280764  Dump from concurrent CREATE MV and query rewrite or DDL
     Bug:7326645  ORA-903 / ORA-933 / ORA-911 during ONLINE index creation/rebuild
     Bug:7462072  Unnecessary "cursor: pin S wait on X" waits
     Bug:7513673  ORA-38754 issuing FLASHBACK DATABASE to a timestamp
     Bug:7523475  ORA-381 setting DB_CACHE_SIZE in spfile
     Bug:7573151  Wrong results after online redefinition of table in RAC (with DBMS_REDEFINITION)
     Bug:7575925  ASSM blocks may be marked with wrong "freeness"
     Bug:7588384  Long waits for 'object queue header operation' / 'cache buffers chains' latches
     Bug:7659217  ORA-64 attempting to startup with a large SGA size
     Bug:7697802  Bitmap index rebuilds slower with larger pga_aggregate_target
     Bug:8210889  PLSQL cursors with user binds may execute in the wrong schema (rare)
     Bug:8217795  "WARNING:Could not set the asynch I/O limit" even though Async IO disabled
     Bug:8232056  DROP DATAFILE does not sync the SGA with the controlfile
     Bug:8247215  ORA-600 [kcbz_check_objd_typ] after upgrade from an old release to 10g/11g
     Bug:8310931  OERI [ktprhtnew6] with high number of CPUs
     Bug:8315482  PGA permanent memory leak in parallel query QC
     Bug:8330783  Sessions hang on "buffer deadlock" inserting to transported tablespace
     Bug:8437213  ASSM first level bitmap block corruption
     Bug:8544896  Waits for "enq: RO - fast object reuse" with high DBWR CPU
     Bug:8556340  DISTINCT_KEYS calculated =0 if gather table stats are estimated not computed
     Bug:8886674  Capture aborts due to OERI[krvuatla]
     Bug:8909984  Queries against WRH$_TABLESPACE_STAT slow
     Bug:9093300  Repeated "kjxocdr: drop duplicate open" messages in LMD trace

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