best way for stripping

Oracle recommends the SAME principle (SAME = stripe and mirror everything) with a stripe size of 1 MB.

The S.A.M.E. (Stripe and Mirror Everything) methodology has been recommended by Oracle for many years and is an approach to optimize high availability, performance, and manageability. In order to simplify the configuration further, a fixed stripe size of 1 MB is recommended in the S.A.M.E. methodology as a good starting point for both OLTP and data warehouse systems. ASM implements the S.A.M.E. methodology and adds automation on top of it.

Oracle recommends that you use disks with the same performance characteristics in a disk group. All disks in a ASM disk group should also be the same size for optimum data distribution and hence optimum performance and throughput. The disk group should span as many physical spindles as possible in order to get the best performance. The disk group configuration for a VLDB does not have to be different from the disk group configuration for a non-VLDB.

New, in 11G, the AU ( allocation unit )  can be larger than 1 MB ( which was default in 10G )

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