2011-02-24 Agent Deployment (push method) fails on AIX 6.1 Agent Deployment (push method) fails on AIX 6.1 [ID 889176.1] Agent Deployment (Push Method) from Grid Console fails on AIX 6.1 with below errors:

Total No of checks: 10

Performing check for CertifiedVersions
Is the Oracle software certified on the current Operating System?
Expected result: One of 5200.01,5300.01
Actual Result: 6100.03
Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<

Check complete: Failed <<<<


A 32 bit package (rsct.compat.clients.rte) is required on AIX 6.1; which is missing.
This is same as mentioned in BUG 8872497.

BUG 8872497 :

rsct.compat.clients.rte is a requirement for AIX 6.1. This is expected behaviour.
rsct.compat.clients.rte listed in the operating systems block of agent_completeREhost.xml for AIX 6.1


1) Download the 32 bit package rsct.compat.clients.rte

2) Re-try the Agent Deployment which should now complete successfully.

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