oracle ilearning

Oracle iLearning Release 5.0 

Software Certification
Certified against the following product stack:
  • Oracle 10gAS version ( for Windows)
  • Oracle 10gDS version 9.0.4 (for Discoverer)
  • Oracle Enterprise Edition RDBMS Release 9.2 (version patch set), with Oracle Intermedia and UTF-8 Database character set 
  • Oracle Portal 9.0.3 or higher (not installed on the same machine)
  • Oracle Workflow version 2.6.2 Client and Builder
  • Netscape 4.7.x, IE 5.5 with Service Pack 2 and IE 6.x
Browser Requirements
Oracle iLearning requires only a browser for both the administrator and learner to access the system. The front end of the application is built using Java Server Pages and the back end of the system involves complex business logic using Business Components for Java (BC4J.)


Supported Browsers
Win-2000  Netscape 4.7x, IE 5.5 with Service Pack 2, IE 6.x 
Win-XP (including SP2) Netscape 4.7x, IE 6.x
  • There is no support for Netscape 7.x or Mozilla/Firebird currently, due to a Sun Java plugin bug which prevents SCORM content from running properly when content is located on a different server than the LMS.
  • There is no support for browsers on other platforms currently.

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