Direct NFS: please check that oradism is setuid

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from note Direct NFS: FAQ [ID 954425.1]

What is oradism? When is it used by Direct NFS?

Direct NFS client uses oradism executable to perform functions that require root privileges. oradism is configured by default on a single instance and for RAC if not using shared $ORACLE_HOME.

It is used for the following special purposes:
Direct NFS client needs root privileges to start communication with the NFS filer. It uses oradism to obtain the root file handle for the exported volume and the NFS server port and NFS mount port. Once the root handle and port information is obtained, all future communication is issued by Oracle user processes using normal privileges.

Oradism executable need always to be owned by root otherwise instance will not come up and returns the error:
Direct NFS: please check that oradism is setuid

You could also try :  chown oracle:oinstall oradism    and chmod 4755 oradism

Also, you could try :  chown root:oinstall oradism      and chmod 4755 oradism

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