how to create a schedule with ossv

OSSV schedules are based on the volume. Therefore all OSSV relationships that share the same
destination volume operate on the same schedule. When scheduling OSSV using the CLI, the
snapvault snap sched command is run on the NetApp secondary system. For example:
                   snapvault snap sched –x backups ossv_daily 30@mon-fri@23

In this example, a backup schedule is created for the volume called “backups.” According to this
schedule OSSV will run at 11 p.m. Monday through Friday. After all backups initiated by the schedule
complete, a Snapshot copy called “ossv_daily.0” is created. The snap list command can be used to
view the Snapshot copies for the volume. The most recent Snapshot copy will have a “.0” suffix.
If a backup takes significantly longer to complete than the other jobs in the schedule, a snapvault
status will show the other jobs sitting in a “quiescing” state until the backup finishes. This is because
all of the backups are captured by a single Snapshot copy for the volume. For this reason, it is best to
organize relationships and volumes in ways to avoid conflict.

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