ACFS-9109[oracleoks.ko driver failed to load] Error during GI Install When Running Root.sh (Doc ID 1590701.1)

Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version and later
Linux x86-64


GI install fails at USM driver install actions when running root.sh
Adding Clusterware entries to inittab
USM driver install actions failed
/opt/app/oragrid/soft/ -I/opt/app/oragrid/soft/ -I/opt/app/oragrid/soft/ /opt/app/oragr
id/soft/ execution failed
>  ACFS-9300: ADVM/ACFS distribution files found.
>  ACFS-9307: Installing requested ADVM/ACFS software.
>  ACFS-9308: Loading installed ADVM/ACFS drivers.
>  ACFS-9321: Creating udev for ADVM/ACFS.
>  ACFS-9323: Creating module dependencies - this may take some time.
>  ACFS-9154: Loading 'oracleoks.ko' driver.
>  FATAL: Error inserting oracleoks (/lib/modules/3.0.74- Invalid module format
>  ACFS-9109: oracleoks.ko driver failed to load.
>  ACFS-9428: Message 9428 not found;  product=usm; facility=acfs
>  ACFS-9310: ADVM/ACFS installation failed.
>End Command output


This is caused due to Bug 17475946 - ROOT.SH OR ACFSROOT INSTALL, FAILS: ACFS-9109: ORACLEOKS.KO DRIVER FAILED and this is fixed in 12c.


 Apply the patch 17475946 and rerun the root.sh.

1. Get the driver version
oragrid@test:/opt/app/oragrid/home> uname -a
Linux test 3.0.74- #1 SMP Wed May 15 07:26:33 UTC 2013 (5e244d7) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

oragrid@test:/opt/app/oragrid/home> /opt/app/oragrid/soft/ version
ACFS-9325:     Driver OS kernel version = 3.0.61-0.9-default(x86_64).
ACFS-9326:     Driver Oracle version = 130707.
2. Before running root.sh from all nodes:

a. Remove or rename the directory

$cd /opt/app/oragrid/soft/

$rm -rf 3.0.61-0.9

or rename the directory as $mv 3.0.61-0.9 3.0.61-0.9_back

b. Create link to the kernel version[Here the kernel version is 3.0.74-0.6, change it to your kernel version accordingly]

$ln -s 3.0.13-0.27 3.0.74-0.6

3. After the above, re run the root.sh.

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