db flash cache is not being used

Flash cache can't be 100% fully utilized (Doc ID 1490043.1)

Flash cache is configured, but not 100% used. Only 1% of the configured flash cache size can be used.
Following settings are configured to make use of 4GB flash cache

However, below SQL output indicates that only 22338 flash blocks are used (32KB for every block, so around 700MB in total).
SQL> connect / as sysdba

SQL> select owner || '.' || object_name object,
     sum(case when b.status like 'flash%' then 1 end) flash_blocks,
     sum(case when b.status like 'flash%' then 0 else 1 END) cache_blocks,
     count(*) total_cached_blocks
     from v$bh b JOIN dba_objects o
     ON (objd = object_id)
     where owner NOT LIKE 'SYS%'
     group by owner, object_name
     having sum(case when b.status like 'flash%' then 1 end) > 0
     order by 4 desc;


This issue is due to
Bug 13935151 - ONLY ABLE TO USE 1% OF THE FLASH CACHE CONFIGURED, fixed in 12.1


Apply Patch 13935151 if available for your DBVersion/platform
- OR -
Modify the below parameters manually in spfile/pfile:

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