has a disk HB, but no network HB, DHB has rcfg


But if Ping and SSH did work between nodes via interconnect interface and still ocssd log did complain about interconnect HeartBeat (no network HB) then interconnect interface is jammed. You can try to restart it to get it fixed (NOTE! It is usually the working node interconnect interface that is needed to restart (like error message is saying in ocssd.log (it is complaining node1)). For example if node2 CRS is not starting then restart node1 interconnect interface ) :
[root@<node1> <node1>]# ifdown eth1
[root@<node1> <node1>]# ifup eth1
And check that eth1 is looking ok:
[root@<node1> <node1>]# ifconfig

See also http://oradbastuff.blogspot.ro/2014/11/has-disk-hb-but-no-network-hb-dhb-has_27.html 
Best idea : upgrade Gi to

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