how to attach a netapp shelf to a server

FWIW I connected a couple of DS14mk2 FC shelves directly to a Solaris machine and noticing that the disk sector size was 520bytes and apart from that I could do nothing with the disks. Recalling a similar issue many years ago with old SAN disks I connected the array to a Linux machine and using sg_format from the sg3_utils package I reformatted the disks with a 512byte sector size (sg_format --format --size=512)
After this I could read and write to the disks on Solaris.

I didn't do much with them because I was actually more interested in getting some DS14mk2 AT disk shelves working - I want the capacity of SATA disks and not the performance of FC disks.
With the AT shelves I could see all the disks in 'format' on Solaris, I could create filesystems but when writing to the disks the I/O performance would dive and give lots of SCSI errors. I was hoping to put a load of low power 2T disks into the shelf to build a multi TB storage pool. The 2T disks were visible to format when put into the disk trays but suffered the same I/O performance and SCSI errors


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