Slow Oracle Net Connections

From note [ID 1076022.1]  : Troubleshooting Slow Oracle Net Connections

Solutions here included purge of the old audit files, disabling auditing, etc

Oracle Net Services - Version: - Release: 10.2
Information in this document applies to any platform.

To see the auditing options : show parameter aud ; ( in sqlplus , connected as sysdba )
Reported is slow connections to the database, from remote and bequeath connections.
Oracle Net client trace, Some points to look for in the trace

  • Time gap time stamp column
  • Check the start time of the trace.
  • Check if the handshake is completed, ie connection has passed the TNS listener?
  • When time gap found, check the packets before / after the slowness is seen. What type of packets are they? What information do the packets show? 
  • What is the function names where the time is lost?

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