how to upgrade asm from to

Pre-requsite for to ASM Rolling Upgrade [ID 1274629.1]


This note is to clarify the patch requirement when doing to rolling upgrade.

Scope and Application

Intended audience includes DBA, support engineers. 

Pre-requsite for to ASM Rolling Upgrade

There has been some confusion as what patches need to be applied for ASM rolling upgrade to to be successful. Documentation regarding this is not very clear (at the time of writing) and a documentation bug has been filed and documentation will be updated in the future.

There are two bugs related to ASM rolling upgrade to

Unpublished bug 9413827: 11201 TO 11202 ASM ROLLING UPGRADE - OLD CRS STACK FAILS TO STOP

Unpublished bug 9706490: LNX64-11202-UD 11201 -> 11202, DG OFFLINE AFTER RESTART CRS STACK DURING UPGRADE

Some of the symptoms include error message when running rootupgrade.sh:

ORA-15154: cluster rolling upgrade incomplete (from bug: 9413827)


Diskgroup status is shown offline after the upgrade, crsd.log may have:

2010-05-12 03:45:49.029: [ AGFW][1506556224] Agfw Proxy Server sending the
last reply to PE for message:RESOURCE_START[ora.MYDG1.dg rwsdcvm44 1] ID 4098:1526
TextMessage[CRS-2674: Start of 'ora.MYDG1.dg' on 'rwsdcvm44' failed]
TextMessage[ora.MYDG1.dg rwsdcvm44 1]
ora.MYDG1.dg rwsdcvm44 1:

The following are some scenario and corresponding action that may be taken:

1). If $GI_HOME is on version (i.e GI PSU2 is applied):

Action: You can apply Patch:9706490 for version

Unpublished bug 9413827 is fixed in GI PSU2. Patch:9706490 for version is built on top of GI PSU2 (i.e. includes the GI PSU2, hence includes the fix for 9413827). Applying Patch:9706490 includes both fixes. opatch will recognize 9706490 is superset of GI PSU2 (Patch: 9655006) and rollback patch 9655006 before applying Patch: 9706490).

2). If $GI_HOME is on version (i.e. no GI PSU applied).

Action: You can apply Patch:9706490 for version This would make sure you have applied GI PSU2 plus both 9706490 and 9413827 (which is included in GI PSU2).

3). If $GI_HOME is on version (GI PSU1) (this is rare since GI PSU1 was only released for Linux platforms and was quite old).

Action: You can rollback GI PSU1 then apply Patch:9706490 on version

So for all cases, it is recommended to apply Patch:9706490 for version

Regardless which situation, opatch may show conflicts with other CRS patch installed in the GI HOME. You need to check if those CRS fixes are already included in or not. Most likely you can rollback those fixes because they are already fixed in

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