OFSAA ( next version of OFSA 4.5 )

Abbreviations in OFSAA 5.1 

OFSAA: Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications
OFSAAI: Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure
ALM: Asset | Liability Management
FTP: Funds Transfer Pricing
OFSPM: Profitability Management

Dimension: Leaf, Processing Leaf, or Processing Dimension. Refers to a leaf in OFSA 4.5
OFSA_CATALOG_OF_LEAVES. There are two types of dimensions Key and Simple. A
key dimension can be of type Ledger Only (i.e. financial_elem_id) or Both Instrument
and Ledger (i.e. gl_account_id). A simple dimension is also known as a User-Defined
Code (i.e. accrual_basis_cd).
Member: Leaf Value or Dimension Value. Members may be of leaf level or node level.
Hierarchy: Refers to Tree Rollup in OFSA 4.5
Segment: Refers to Folder in OFSA 4.5 with similar functionality. Basically a storage
mechanism that can be used to restrict access to objects.

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