Ora-07445 Core Dump [Opixrb()+3004]

Ora-07445 Core Dump [Opixrb()+3004] [ID 782454.1]

Applies to:

Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version:
This problem can occur on any platform.


-- Problem Statement:
ProC dblink queries are failing with an ORA-07445 Opixrb function.

dblinks may or may not be required.

The Call Stack in the ORA-07445 Trace may contain a stack similar to:

__funlockfile opixrb opixrm opifch2 opiefn0 kpoal8


You are using an unsupported client to connect to the database server.

Please reference:

Client / Server compatibility:

Note 207303.1 - Client / Server / Interoperability Support Between Different Oracle Versions


-- To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

Please upgrade the client to a supported combination as referenced in NOTE 207303.1.

(This may or may not require ProC changes as well.)

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