vmware player bridge network do not work by default

use this tutorial http://bigsnowball.com/content/fixing-vmware-player-bridged-network

in case you have multiple network adapters ( for example: lan and wireless ) , you can not connect your virtual machines on bridge networks .

Create a folder named “extract” and run the installer with the \e option.
VMware-player-3.0.0-197124.exe /e extract
In the extract folder, open the network.cab file (get WinRAR if you have trouble opening this file)
and copy vmnetcfg.exe to your VMWare Player folder. (C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware Player).
With bridging, the problem that can occur is the VMWare Player will attach to the wrong network adapter for the bridged network. The Virtual Network Editor allows you to specify what network adapter to use.


For one release of version 4 of the VMWare Player, the extraction method described above did not work. It is working as of 4.0.2. If it does not work, try this approach.
  • Open your temp folder and remove all the files so you have a clean folder. Try Start / Run / %temp% to quickly get a shortcut to your temp folder.
  • Re-run the VMWare Player, version 4 installer. It unpacks to a folder in you temp folder. Once it’s done unpacking, the installer waits for you to proceed.
  • Look in your temp folder for a new folder named something like vmware_1321116371.
  • Now, look in that vmware folder for the network.cab. Once found, you can proceed as described above.

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