how to permit copy/paste inside vm



VMware introduced additional security measures in vSphere 4.1. By default, the copy and paste feature is disabled. 
To re-enable this feature:
Note: This procedure requires downtime of the virtual machine. 
  1. Log in to vSphere Client and select the virtual machine in the inventory.
  2. The configuration page for this virtual machine appears with the Summary tab displayed.
  3. Power off the virtual machine.
  4. Right-click the virtual machine and click Edit Settings.
  5. Click Options > Advanced > General > Configuration Parameters.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Type isolation.tools.copy.disable in the Name field and false into the Value column.
  8. Type isolation.tools.paste.disable in the Name field and false into the Value column.
  9. Power on the virtual machine.

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