sun versus exadata versus violin


HP’s team analyzed the requirements and proposed a system consisting of HP
ProLiant DL980 Servers and the VMA products. Performance was the paramount
criterion. To win the customer over, the HP ProLiant DL980/VMA solution had to
beat Oracle Exadata’s customer benchmark results.
The HP platform outperformed Exadata conclusively. In fact, HP’s offering was
so obviously superior that the trading firm’s IT group shut down the test before its
conclusion and began contract negotiations with HP.
HP DL980 won across the board in virtually every test. Running actual transactional
data, the DL980 executed the ETL test in 5.1 minutes, 28% faster than Oracle
Exadata. In a typical user query test, Exadata took 16 seconds. The DL980 beat
this mark by 75%. And compared to the legacy Sun servers, the DL980’s query
performance was as much as 98% faster (See Table 2 for test results).

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