audi market

Audi insist on using these horrible marketing terms to describe technologies  that already have perfectly good terms in use. Audi speak to English conversion below:
    Tiptronic = Standard Auto
    Multi-tronic = CVT
    S-Tronic = DSG

S-Tronic is easy to tell when you're driving, gear shifts feel like they are engaged with rifle bolt precision, changes are immediate and revs perfectly match road speed with zero "mushiness". 

Multi-tronic is the opposite, complete mushiness with no link between road speed and engine speed, floor it and the revs will move all over the place with very little impact on progress. 

Tiptronic is somewhere in between, has been fitted mainly to high torque engines eg 3.0tdi where the multi-tronic couldn't handle the torque, this has been changing as Audi gradually improve the amount of torque the CVT can handle.

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