ORA-00569: Failed to acquire global enqueue

Error on rac : Error 569 occured while spilling buffered messages

ORA-600 [16480], [201] Followed by ORA-569 in One Instance of a RAC Database [ID 603650.1]

In one instance of a RAC database the following errors are reported:
    ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [16480], [201], [0x3BE751F30], [], [], [], [], []
    ORA-00569: Failed to acquire global enqueue.

In another instance, just before the above errors shared pool problems are reported, e.g.:
    WARNING: ran out of shared pool for GES enqueue object.

This may be followed by ORA-4031 shared pool related errors.

This issue is discussed in unpublished Bug:6928203 "AIX10204-080316: ORA-600: ARGUMENTS: [16480], [201], [0X70000004AAE1CF0]" which was closed as *not* a bug.
Here are the conclusions from this bug:

- ORA-600 [16480], [201] and ORA-569 mean the same thing.
- The ORA-600 / ORA-569 errors are a consequence of shared pool issue in the other instance (ORA-4031 errors).

Solving the ORA-4031 error in the instance reporting it will solve the ORA-600 / ORA-569 in the other instance.

The first step in solving ORA-4031 errors will be to increase SGA_TARGET if Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) is used or to increase SHARED_POOL_SIZE if ASMM is not used.

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