stripe size for filesystems



Oracle recommends striping LVs or physical partitions (PPs) across the disks. Striping PPs provides better flexibility if you plan to add disks to the stripe set later. Stripe LVs across as many disks in the volume group as makes sense. Choose a reasonable stripe size. Make sure each instance is broken out so its redo and control files are in their own JFS2 file system. Redo logs and control files should be in their own file system with an agblksize set to 512. The I/O size is always a multiple of 512 and you’ll do unnecessary I/O if you leave it at the default of 4096. The other file systems can be left at the default with the exception of the database (DBF) files. The agblksize for these should be calculated using: db_block_size * db_file_multiblock_read_count. If the block size is more than 4096, Oracle recommends using an agblksize of 4096 for database files; otherwise it recommends using 1024 or 2048. To find the current block size for a file system, use the “
;lsfs –q” command.

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