CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME has been deprecated in

CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME Has Been Deprecated [ID 565424.1]

CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME has been deprecated in and

CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME was originally introduced to try and help reduce latch contention by keeping cursors in memory in the SGA rather than allowing their data to be flushed from the shared pool. Such latch contention is avoided in current releases by the use of cursor mutexes and so this parameter is no longer relevant.

This alert is to warn that CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME will be deprecated in these Patch Sets.

Systems running with CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME = TRUE may encounter some rare scenarios which can lead to logical data corruption.

Customers currently using CURSOR_SPACE_FOR_TIME=TRUE are advised to change the setting to FALSE (the default),  or at least assess the impact of such a change prior to applying the or Patch Set.

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