OUI-18001: The operating system 'AIX Version 6100.04' is not supported.

DB 10gR2 Installation on AIX 6.1 Error: OUI-18001: 'AIX Version 6100.01' is not supported [ID 859842.1]

Oracle Server - Enterprise Edition - Version: to
IBM AIX Based Systems (64-bit)
Following error while installing the Oracle Database 10gR2 ( on AIX 6.1
OUI-18001: The operating system 'AIX Version 6100.01' is not supported.


Error message indicates that OUI from 10gR2 installation kit is not recognizing the AIX6.1 as Certified OS.

Oracle Database 10gR2 ( installation kit does not include AIX 6.1 as certified OS version. Because IBM's AIX 6.1 released after Oracle's Database 10gR2 ( software is released. And hence AIX 6.1 certification details not included in already released Database 10gR2 installation kit.


Oracle has completed the certification of AIX6.1 to install/run Oracle Database 10gR2 ( To install 10gR2 (, please invoke the OUI (runInstaller) using "-ignoreSysPrereqs" option.

$ cd Disk1
$ ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs

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