Instance crashed with ORA-481

Bug 11875294  LMS gets stuck during DRM, Instance crashed with ORA-481

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 The content was last updated on: 20-OCT-2011
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Product (Component)Oracle Server (Rdbms)
Range of versions believed to be affectedVersions BELOW 12.1
Versions confirmed as being affected
Platforms affectedGeneric (all / most platforms affected)


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Rediscovery Notes:
 LMS processes can get stalled during the DRM reconfiguration due to 
 LE shortage, and this can lead to DRM timeout and instance crashes.
  2011-08-25 10:03:45.232033 :Start affinity expansion for pkey 81885.0
  2011-08-25 10:03:46.698163 : Expand failed: pkey 81885.0, 1885 shadows traversed, 853 replayed 1 retries
The fix for this bug takes care of the problem by closing  
anti-locks first and also non-remastered locks to free up more LEs.
 Disable read-mostly locking by setting:
 It is unlikely that interim patches will be produced for this 
 issue. Hence please use the workaround above or move to 
 (or higher) where the issue is fixed.

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