oracle datawarehouse on flash


The steps are simple

  • buy a dl 580 g7 ( with 4 socket cpu ) and 512GB of RAM
  • buy 2 fusion io drive octal 10TB ( for a total of 20TB flash ) ... aprox 200 000$
  • install those 2 cards on the fastest PCIe slots and format them with 4K block size
  • create a single ASM disk group ( with external redundancy ) from those 2 octal cards
  • put the redo logs on your SAN ( or your direct attached storage )
  • create a RAMFS filesystem inside your RAM ( remember, you have 0.5TB ) ... you will create your temporary tablespace inside your ramfs ( the only problem will be when you will restart the server... but not a single problem .... you will recreate the filesystem and the temporary tablespace ) . 
  • the gain from putting temp inside your ram.... is huge ( tested by myself )
  • the idea is to write your temporary data ( redo log is also a temporary data ) on your volatile medium ( ram  for temp ) or disk ( redo logs ) 
  • your octal drives will only be occupied by useful data 
  • the access is very very very fast ( bye-bye Exadata )
  • no switches, no complex operations. 
  • flash is sitting right next to the cpu
  • 20TB of data should be enough for almost all of the datawarehouses
  • the main problem is that you don't have raid .. but we suppose that the flash  fail less then classical disks 

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