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Straightforward $/GB usable pricing

In the new world of the modern storage array, differences in performance, utilization, HA/RAID overhead, deduplication and compression benefits all have a major impact on how much actual data can be stored on an array.  This means that $/GB usable is quickly becoming the right metric to evaluate storage, not the legacy $/GB raw.  This is discussed on our website, and is nicely articulated byStephen Foskett.
So when Pure Storage calculates $/GB usable, we make some background assumptions:
  • All Pure Storage pricing examples are provided as HA, as this is a hard requirement for enterprise deployments
  • Pure Storage HA doesn’t rely on “mirroring” two arrays, rather it is true active/active clustered controller HA (add HA by adding a controller, not doubling the array or all the flash)
  • HA, RAID, metadata, and flash management have a combined overhead of 22% in the Pure Storage FlashArray and are included in our usable price (our RAID-3D is better than dual-parity, and can’t be set or adjusted, so this doesn’t vary from 22%)
  • All the prices quoted here are preliminary, and will be finalized with our GA release
Pure Storage pricing is, in round numbers (varies slightly by model and configuration):
  • $/GB raw for a HA FlashArray is $20 / GB
  • $/GB with HA and RAID is $25 / GB
  • $/GB usable (including HA, RAID, and 5-to-1 data reduction) is $5.00 / GB
  • $/GB usable (including HA, RAID, and 10-to-1 data reduction) is $2.50 / GB
  • Note that our Beta customers have commonly seen 5-10x data reduction in database workloads, and 10-20x data reduction in virtualization workloads, all without sacrificing performance.  You can test your own potential data reduction on your data sets with our PRE tool.

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