why you should implement hugepages on linux

From metalink below

4.  Implement HugePages on Linux Environments

Applicable to Platforms:  ALL LINUX 64-Bit PLATFORMS

Why?:  Implementing HugePages greatly improves the performance of the kernel on Linux environments. This is especially true for systems with more memory. Generally speaking any system with more than 12GB of RAM is a good candidate for hugepages. The more RAM there is in the system, the more your system will benefit by having hugepages enabled. This is because the amount of work the kernel must do to map and maintain the page tables for this amount of memory increases with more memory in the system. Enabling hugepages greatly reduces the # of pages the kernel must manage, and makes the system much more efficient. If hugepages is NOT enabled, experience has shown that it is very common for the kernel to preempt the critical Oracle Clusterware or Real Application Clusters daemons, leading to instance evictions or node evictions.

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