how to install OFSA 4.5.39 for AIX ( RQ Manager )

1. Download from metalink patch number 2902123 ( for AIX 32 bit OFSA_32_p2902123_450_AIX.zip ) and 4959183  (p4959183_450_AIX.zip this patch is required in order to run OFSA RQ manager woth Oracle Database 10G )

2. Create a folder ( ex : /home/oracle/ofsa )

3. Unzip the first patch(2902123) in the folder created before

4. Apply the second patch ( 4959183 )
Copy the p4959183_450_AIX.zip file to the folder
Type the following command to extract the files from patch:  unzip -o p4959183_450_AIX.zip

5. Set OFSA_HOME correctly  in .profile ( or .bash_profile )

6. Run .postinstall (we will find it in the folder created at step 2 )
When asked, provide the following information:
Remove tmp <y>
Do not use TPOL <n
7. Edit $OFSA_HOME/bin/rq and replace INSTALL_DIR with OFSA_HOME

8.   Modifiy $OFSA_HOME/etc/OFS.INI and set the corresponding values

9. Start RQ manager ( you should have already an entry in tnsnames.ora for the OFSA oracle database )

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