how to install OFSA client

How to Install the latest OFSA 4.5.x Client Patch [ID 263144.1]

Applies to:

Oracle Financial Data Manager - Version: 4.5 to 4.5.39 - Release: 4.5 to 4.5
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Checked for relevance on 22-Nov-2010
Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA) - Version: 4.5


This document is to provide step by step how to apply the latest OFSA client patch release. Currently the latest OFSA version available is 4.5.39.


To install and configure OFSA client follow the steps below:

1. Download the latest OFSA client patch.
o OFSA 4.5.39 Patch 2902123 for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) Client - 165M (174042037 bytes). This patch contains a complete client-side install.

2. Review Chapter 7 Client Software Installation and Configuration of the Oracle Financial Services Installation and Configuration Guide, Release 4.5, March 2003

3. Create a temporary directory on your hard drive using the Windows Explorer.

4. Copy the p290213_450_MSWIN.zip file into the temporary directory created in the previous step.

5. Open the p290213_450_MSWIN.zip file and extract all the files into the temporary directory created in the step 1. Make sure that you choose the overwrite existing files option and the use folder names option.

6. Select the Windows directory and run setup.exe to launch the 16-bit Oracle Installer. If you have previously installed a 4.5.x client version of OFSA on the machine, you will not need to do this.

7. Choose English for Language and enter a company name and Oracle Home.

8. When the Software Asset Manager window appears, select all components on the left for install.

- An Oracle SQL*Net Adapter Selection screen should appear. Select the appropriate protocol (usually TCP/TP).
- Upon successful install, exit.

9. Select the WIN32 directory and run setup.exe to launch the 32-bit Oracle Installer.

10. Again choose English for Language and a Default Oracle Home.

11. If you have previously installed a 4.5.x version of the OFSA client software, uninstall currently installed OFSA software by highlighting the Oracle Financial Services Applications Clients 4.5 line and hitting "Remove".

12. From the Software Asset Manager dialog box, expand the Oracle Financial Services Applications Clients 4.5 line. Chose everything BUT Oracle Transfer Pricing Online 4.5. The documentation should install automatically along with the software. Also install all SQL*Net Client, SQL*Plus and Oracle Net8 Products.

The following files need to be edited to login to your instance:

1. tnsnames.ora
2. sqlnet.ora
3. ofs.ini
4. connection.xml

The tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files in the following directories should be edited:

\orawin\network\admin directory

DEMOOFSA.us.oracle.com =
    (ADDRESS =
          (PROTOCOL = TCP)
          (HOST = xxx.x.x.xx)
          (PORT = 1521)

NAMES.DEFAULT_DOMAIN = us.oracle.com
NAME.DEFAULT_ZONE= us.oracle.com

The ofs.ini file should be located in your default Windows directory.


DriverType = ORACLE
ServerName = DEMOOFSA
Database = DEMOOFSA
LogonID = test
PassWord =

The connection.xml file should be located in the orant\ofsa45\rtmgr directory. To edit, highlight the file and hit Shift+ right mouse click. Choose Open With... and open in notepad.

!!!ALSO take into consideration that you should remove the file SQL16W95.dll 
See also : http://amoratech.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/ofsa-apps-install-4-5-39-tips-for-the-successful-install/

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