SQL16W95.dll in OFSA 4.5.39

General Protection Fault in Module SQL16W95.DLL Logging into OFSA 4.5 [ID 154664.1]

Applies to:

Oracle Financial Data Manager - Version: 4.5.20 and later   [Release: 4.5 and later ]
Oracle Profitability Manager - Version: 4.5.20 and later    [Release: 4.5 and later]
Oracle Transfer Pricing - Version: 4.5.20 and later    [Release: 4.5 and later]
Oracle Risk Manager - Version: 4.5.20 and later    [Release: 4.5 and later]
Information in this document applies to any platform.
Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA)


When attempting to login into one of the Oracle Financial Services Applications (OFSA) modules the following error occurs.

OFSBC caused a General Protection Fault in Module SQL16W95.DLL login to OFSA


New installation of Oracle Financial Services Applications.


Bug 2171024 GPF in SQL16W95.DLL on WIN2K when Login Failure.

SQL16W95.DLL is not needed for OFSA 4.5.2 login and maybe safely removed.

The error is not caused by an installation problem, but a problem with the behavior of SQL*NET on Windows encountered SQL*NET connection error occurs such as incorrect username/password. When you rename the SQL16W95.DLL to be something else and then attempts to log in, you will see the real SQL*Net error message.


Remove or rename SQL16W95.DLL. This file is usually located in \ORAWIN\bin.



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