rman with VTL deduplication


According to Dilligent, when RMAN uses Multiplexing, it intermingles the
data from each RMAN so the data block will be different every time so the
blocks are different, similar to Multiplexing with Netbackup

1) Do the best you can to put like data together. (ie all Oracle
DB Backups go to the same de-dupe VirtualTape head (Repository),

2) Turn off all compression (Client and DB's)

3) Oracle Specific
Do not use RMAN's Multiplexing in RMAN will combine 4
Channels together and the backup data then will be unique every time thus
not allowing for de-duping)
Use the File Seq=1 (Then run multiple channels)

4) Do not Mix Windows and Unix data, It wont de-dupe well.

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