how to deinstall oracle agent

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Enterprise Manager Grid Control - Version: to - Release: 11.1 to 11.1
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Removal of the Grid Control Management agent by the silent method does not require a response file since all required parameters are passed in the command. This procedure will be particularly helpful in the absence of a GUI OUI alternative.

The sequence of events during installation and the detailed prerequisites are summarized in this document, which should be considered the universal reference for Grid Control installation:

Oracle� Enterprise Manager Grid Control Advanced Installation and Configuration Guide
11g Release 1 (
Part Number E16847-03
32 Deinstalling Oracle Management Agent in Silent Mode

A step-by-step description with graphical representation of the installer progress is available here.



The runInstaller utility embedded in the agent Oracle home is used so no additional resources are required.

Before you deinstall a Management Agent, shut it down by running the following command from its Oracle home:

<ORACLE_HOME>/bin/emctl stop agent


1. Grid Control View Before Agent Removal
Before the agent is removed from the target host, the view in Grid Control shows the host target present and with an UP status (green arrow).
Non-agent and non-host targets should be removed and removal verified in the Deleted Targets table at this point.

2. Invoking the installer
The installer used can be the one located in the agent Oracle Home itself:


Use this command to bring it up:

.../agent11g/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -deinstall "REMOVE_HOMES={.../agent11g}" -removeallfiles

No response file is needed for this command since all necessary information is passed in the command itself (note that ".../agent11g" is referential and should be replaced with a complete file path designation).

3. Deinstall Progress
The installer will show information in the command session, starting with initiation of deinstall.

The first item to be removed is the the agent as shown by the "Agent Deinstall Assistant" message.
Second is the "Oracle Configuration Manager Deinstall".

Finish of the removal activity is indicated  by "100% Done" and "Deinstall Successful".

4. Remove agent11g Directory
A carriage Return will return the command prompt from the runInstaller session.
The agent Oracle Home directory may still exist, but will be only a partial Home.
This directory and its contents should now be manually removed to complete the deinstallation action, if this remnant still exists after the installer was run.

5. Grid Control View After Agent Removal
The view in Grid Control will show that the agent is now unreachable, if the host and agent targets were not removed prior to deinstall.
The agent and host targets should be removed from the console view and verified.

.../agent11g   is the  location of the installation for grid agent 

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