netapp cifs: file is in use by another user

BUG 530748 http://support.netapp.com/NOW/cgi-bin/bol?Type=Detail&Display=530748

 While editing a file, Microsoft office 2007 writes the content to a temporary 
 file and renames the temporary file to the original file name while saving. 
 When this happens the file's create time stamp will reflect the create 
 time stamp of the temproary file which would be different from the original 
 create time of the file. So after this happens, windows client will have to 
 send a CIFS request to restore the create time stamp to the original value. 
 However, this request will be sent only when the share permission is set to
 full control. In all other cases the create time will have the modified time.

Solutions :
1. Change the share permission to full control.
2. Upgrade to Office 2010.

Another workaround 
Increase  CIFS Max Multiplex

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  1. Use "Long Path This very useful if you are having problems
    in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files.