ORA-00843, ORA-00849 When Trying To Change SGA_TARGET With MEMORY_MAX_TARGET=0 Being Active [ID 1397761.1]


When trying to set SGA_TARGET using an ALTER SYSTEM command, the following errors are raised:

ORA-00843: Parameter not taking MEMORY_MAX_TARGET into account
ORA-00849: SGA_TARGET 10737418240 cannot be set to more than MEMORY_MAX_TARGET 0.


MEMORY_MAX_TARGET was set to 0.


The problem is caused by the MEMORY_MAX_TARGET parameter explicitly being set to 0. In case AMM should not be used, MEMORY_MAX_TARGET should not be set at all.


The solutions to the problem are:
  1. create a PFILE from the SPFILE being used and remove the MEMORY_MAX_TARGET=0 and MEMORY_TARGET=0 lines. After that, use the modified PFILE to create a new SPFILE and start the instance with this new setup.
  2. should the instance be running, then use the following commands to remove the explicit setting of MEMORY_TARGET=0 and MEMORY_MAX_TARGET=0:

    alter system reset memory_target;
    alter system reset memory_max_target;

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