exadata upate firmware on F20 accelerators cards

Exadata Database Systems with Flash Accelerator F20 Controllers May Hang During DRAM Reads Without Firmware Upgrade D21Y [ID 1520197.1]

Applies to:

Exadata Database Machine X2-8
Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Hardware
SPARC SuperCluster T4-4
Sun Hardware - Generic
Exadata Database Machine V2
Information in this document applies to any platform.


Date of Resolved Release: 16-Jan-2013


Firmware upgrade to D21Y is required for Exadata database systems with Aura 1.x Flash DOMs (Flash Accelerator F20 controllers). Failure to do so may lead to a system hang during DRAM reads due to a DRAM timing anomaly.
This information was originally published in the Customer Advisory Notification:
and included in the "Communication" section of Document:1392174.1 - "Engineered Systems Resource Center"


This issue can occur on the following platforms:
  • Sun Fire X4170 M2 database servers with Aura 1.x Flash DOMs (for Exadata X2-2 systems) without firmware D21Y
  • Sun Fire X4270 M2 storage servers with Aura 1.x Flash DOMs (for Exadata X2-2, X2-8, and SPARC SuperCluster systems) without firmware D21Y
  • Sun Fire X4275 storage servers with Aura 1.x Flash DOMs (for Exadata V2 systems) without firmware D21Y
Note: This issue only applies to storage servers that contain Aura 1.x flash cards. For information on how to identify storage servers with Aura 1.x Flash DOMs, please refer to Document:1504776.1


If the described issue occurs, the system may hang during DRAM reads.


There is no workaround for this issue.

This issue is addressed in the following release:
which can also be found by searching on patch ID 14793859 in the My Oracle Support Patch Database.
NOTE: As with any firmware or patch upgrade, please view the patch README and all the supporting documentation first before doing this upgrade.



16-Jan-2013: Document released, issue is Resolved



The flash disk serial number ID containing the date code and the currently installed firmware version are obtained with the following CellCLI command:
CellCLI> list physicaldisk attributes name, id, physicalFirmware where diskType = 'FlashDisk'

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