The Application's Digital Signature Cannot Be Verified

How To Suppress "The Applications Digital Signature Cannot Be Verified" When Launching Forms [ID 1170647.1]

Applies to:

Oracle Applications Technology Stack - Version: and later   [Release: 11.5.10 and later ]
Information in this document applies to any platform.


You receive the following message when connecting to forms:

The applications digital signature cannot be verified.
Do you want to run the application?

Name: nonForms
From: http://server.domain:<port>

<check box> always trust content from this publisher

This appears after moving to JRE from Jinitiator or after re-signing of your forms digital certificate by running adjkey -initialize

The message is expected and can be stopped by selecting the above check box. This will prevent the message from appearing again on the PC in question.

However if you would like to somehow suppress this message so that users do not receive the warning. It may be that when you receive new PC's into your company that you wish to ship the PC's to the users so they are configured that the message doesn't appear. Or, perhaps you have implemented JRE for the 1st time and do not want all of your user community to receive this message on their initial connection.


There are three methods to achieve this:

1) Import the certificate into the user repository

Obtain the certificate by accepting the message on one PC and then simply copy the file trusted.certs (located in : C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\security) to all profiles on the new PC's. This will suppress the message.
Warning... performing the above action on on a users existing PC may overwrite content that individuals may have added to their certificate repository. In this case consult your IT department to verify the certificate repository.

2) Import the certificate into the browser repository

Obtain the certificate by accepting the message on one PC
Launch the java control panel and select the security tab and then the certificates button
Select the certificate in question. Export the certificate as <anyname>.cer
Import the certificate into the browser repository in the Trusted Publishers / Certificates folder
Internet Explorer - Tools - Content - Certificates - Trusted Publishers - Import. Navigate to your *.cer file and import the certificate into your browser repository.

3) Sign jar files using a known 'trusted' certificate signing authority. 

See Note 1207184.1 Enhanced Signing of Oracle E-Business Suite JAR Files


NOTE:1207184.1 - Enhanced Signing of Oracle E-Business Suite JAR Files

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